How To Install / Set Up a Rifle Sling - STI Rifle Slings VIDEO

Your new STI 2 Point Sling is a simple and durable design.  Customers have asked us for a video showing them How to Set-Up The STI 2 Point Quick Adjust Rifle Sling.

Properly threading the webbing through the Tri-Glides can be a challenge.  This video series will help.








  • Hello, I wanted to say you have great products! I have ordered your slings before and just yesterday ordered three more slings thru amazon. However a message flashed stating the seller does not want more than two slings per order. Did you know if you realized this is the message customers received. I really want your sti sling swivel that you advertise on your website, but do not have a PayPal or other account and cannot find them thru amazon. I need 3 sets of the two pack. Can you please contact my e mail so i can try to make arrangements with you to buy them? Thank you.

  • Finally got a sling for my rifle. Excellent quality and set up was a breeze with videos. Will continue to purchase from STI.

  • hello, just got one of your slings of amazon ,they did not carry your swivels ordered two hd magpuls plus 2 inserts to bury into stock , my ? is im setting up for lh shooting mounted a light on lh side ,and have broom handle on bott ,the frt swvl would putting it on rh side and not bottom help to carry rifle with mag pointing out away from body, kind of like you show in in picture mounted on side of rail ,thanks.
    mike mackey
  • Howdy Sear-Tactical,

    I got my slings and hardware today. Thanks for the prompt shipping. The slings and hardware are great quality and AMERICAN made, and as a bonus I didn’t use Amazon! If I see something on Amazon, I always look for a website to cut Jeff Bezos out. Keep up the good work and hope great success for Sear-Tactical. Glad to support a small business and in Oklahoma. Spent many a summer up there.

    Bryan Mason
  • I have 4 of your 2 point rifle slings they are great and work as they should would like to know if you’re going to make a single point I’m very interested in one thanks

    Donnie Williams

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