How To Install / Set Up a Rifle Sling - STI Rifle Slings VIDEO

Your new STI 2 Point Sling is a simple and durable design.  Customers have asked us for a video showing them How to Set-Up The STI 2 Point Quick Adjust Rifle Sling.

Properly threading the webbing through the Tri-Glides can be a challenge.  This video series will help.








  • I bought one last year for my .450 bushmaster build and used it during our 3 month hunting season. It is undeniably the best sling i have ever used. This is a vickers style sling with an amazing quick adjust feature that everyone is trying to copy. Super comfortable, adjustable and fast fast fast. I just bought another for my PRS 300wm long range hunting rifle. Don’t question it just buy it. These should be a standard for the us military they are perfect. Thank you for the best sling ive ever used.

  • Excellent sling, in terms of materials, construction, performance, durability, longevity, and of course price. No need to spend for a Gucci brand name when this Made in the USA sling does it all, plus get to support a small family business. Did not use Amazon;)
    Some users have noted that the sling tightening direction is opposite that of other slings; just train with the gear you use, and it shouldn’t be a problem.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Returning customer, purchased another sling and QD sling swivels. Great products. Have referred my friends, keep up the good work.

  • Hello, I wanted to say you have great products! I have ordered your slings before and just yesterday ordered three more slings thru amazon. However a message flashed stating the seller does not want more than two slings per order. Did you know if you realized this is the message customers received. I really want your sti sling swivel that you advertise on your website, but do not have a PayPal or other account and cannot find them thru amazon. I need 3 sets of the two pack. Can you please contact my e mail so i can try to make arrangements with you to buy them? Thank you.

  • Finally got a sling for my rifle. Excellent quality and set up was a breeze with videos. Will continue to purchase from STI.


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